Scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Hello to you all

I trust that you are all travelling well during these trying times.

Despite the uncertainty due to COVID-19, we would like to reassure you that Aurora has a vigilant outlook in protecting the health and wellbeing for its staff, participants and stakeholders, particularly those in remote communities. Throughout this, we are working hard to ensure that we continue to deliver our services – in these trying times.  As we are all navigating unchartered territory and understandably don’t know how things will eventuate, we will do all we can to meet your needs, in the time frame that works best on your end. With that in mind, we are about to commence reviewing over 200 applications from Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and graduates for the upcoming winter 2020 round and the response has been very good – all things considered.

We feel since the winter internships usually take place anytime from June through October, that with this timeframe in mind, it may still be possible to provide intern support to our Host organisations as you consider your needs.  We understand that most of you have closed your offices and are working from home (as are we) and that at this uncertain time, on-the-ground internships are probably unlikely. We therefore ask that you consider your needs/wish list for later in the timeframe, when hopefully things have returned to some level of normality; as well as the possibility for virtual/home based internships – if they would be feasible and helpful.

The Program is once again able to provide financial support via Scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interns and continues to focus on supporting Indigenous students and graduates via internships as pathways to jobs at over 200 Indigenous sector organisations. We are also able to place Indigenous interns at a wide range of organisations outside of the sector, so long as the internships are relevant to the candidates’ study and career aspirations.  Under the Program, Scholarships will cover the interns’ daily living expenses in the amount of $800/week for a 4 to 6 week placement.  In addition, funding will cover travel and accommodation expenses for away-from-home placements. Any funding support (airfare, accommodation or stipend)your organisation is able to offer non-Indigenous interns is always appreciated, but not expected.

Kindly take some time to consider your intern requirements.  Our Host Internship Requirement online form asks you to complete a section for each individual intern requested, including their academic background, timeframe you would like to host them in, as well as a brief outlining the work that you envisage each intern will be undertaking (amongst other relevant information).  In the Position description, it would be helpful if you could specify if each particular intern could possibly be considered to work from home, in light of COVID-19.

Once you have carefully considered your requirements, please complete the Aurora Host Intern Requirement form by Friday 24 April if possible, and do let me know if you require an extension.

If you are a new Host, please be sure to complete the Terms and Conditions (sent previously) as well as the link at at

Look forward to hearing from you. In the event that the winter round needs to be completely cancelled, we will of course be in touch.

Stay well and be safe.