Our History

The Ngadju people have lived on country between Kalgoorlie and Esperance for perhaps as long as 50,000 years.

Like most tribal groups, the Ngadju people developed their own language and are proud of their important role as the carers and custodians of their land. Being spiritual people, they practiced sacred ceremonies and dances and many sites of significance remain important places for men and women to connect to country today.

The Ngadju people were known as the Song & Dance people and other tribal groups would approach them to help provide a new song or dance. The Ngadju elders only showed the visitors the song and dance routine once and then the visitors had to learn the routine and return home. The Ngadju people were, and still are, a very powerful and prominent people. They possessed the white flint rock which made a spark when struck together and Ngadju people carried the stones when travelling far and wide and would make a spark at night. After surrounding others and making the sparks it would bring enormous fear to whoever had done them wrong, for the people knew immediately who was present.