The Federal Court granted native title rights and interests to the Ngadju people on 21 November 2014 and for the remnant balance of their lands on 17 July 2017. The Ngadju people’s native title rights and interests include exclusive possession native title in unallocated Crown lands in the determination areas; this is the highest form of native title recognised in Australian law. The traditional lands of the Ngadju people include all lands and waters within the outer boundary of the two native title determinations. This includes conservation estate of nature reserves and national parks.

On 7 October 2015, the Ngadju Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (NNTAC) was established as the native title Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) for its Ngadju members.

The NNTAC is a “trustee” PBC for its members, managing and holding their native title rights and interests on their behalf. The day to day operations of the NNTAC are carried out by the NNTAC staff, led by the CEO and with the strategic guidance of the NNTAC Board of Directors. General meetings of the NNTAC, including an Annual General Meeting, are held with the Ngadju people that are NNTAC members.

Native Tree on Ngadju Country

In accordance with the Native Title Act, the NNTAC is responsible for all (but not limited to) negotiations for:

  • land access
  • heritage plans
  • heritage agreements
  • Indigenous land use agreements
  • the protection and recording of all significant sites
  • lore and culture
  • protection of country including land, waterways and all biodiversity and
  • managing compliance on Ngadju country