The Federal Court of Australia granted native title to the Ngadju people on 21st November 2014. The Ngadju people’s traditional ownership of 102,000 km2 of land surrounding the town of Norseman was recognised, including exclusive native title rights to 41,300 km2, which is the highest form of native title that can be granted.

​On 7th October 2015, the Ngadju Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (NNTAC) was established as the Prescribed Body Corporate.

​The NNTAC acts as an agent for the native title rights and interests of the Ngadju people of southern Western Australia.

Native Tree on Ngadju Country

In accordance with the Native Title Act, the NNTAC is responsible for all (but not limited to) negotiations for:

  • land access
  • heritage plans
  • heritage agreements
  • Indigenous land use agreements
  • the protection and recording of all significant sites
  • lore and culture
  • protection of country including land, waterways and all biodiversity and
  • managing compliance on Ngadju country