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Welcome to Ngadju Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (NNTAC)

The Federal Court of Australia granted native title to the Ngadju people on 21st November 2014. The Ngadju people’s traditional ownership of 102,000 km2 of land surrounding the town of Norseman was recognised, including exclusive native title rights to 41,300 km2, which is the highest form of native title that can be granted.

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Our Country


Our Country

Ngadju country expands the pristine Woodland forests between Kalgoorlie and Esperance. Known for its extensive biodiversity, there are numerous species of Flora and Fauna of international significance.

The Ngadju people have lived on this land for perhaps as long as 50,000 years, living a simple lifestyle as hunter gatherers.

Like most tribal groups, the Ngadju people developed their own language and were proud of their important role as the carers and custodians of their land.

Being spiritual people, they practiced sacred ceremonies and dances, many sites of significance remain important places for men and women to connect to country today.

The Ngadju Native Title determination area extends in the South-East of Western Australia covering an area in excess of 120,000 square miles (covering an area greater than the United Kingdom).

Map of Ngadju Country in Western Australia


6 volunteer training opportunities at the old Post Office in Norseman

The Ngadju Charitable Trust No.2 has purchased the old Post Office in Norseman, it will be leased to NNTAC to use as an office in Norseman. The Trust is renovating the property prior to hand over to the NNTAC.

Any Ngadju who are interested in learning a range of building and construction tasks please contact NNTAC on 08 9462 3500 to leave your name and contact number or email reception@nntac.org.au by 22nd January 2021.

Start date is Tuesday 2nd February and the work experience will last for approximately 3 weeks.

As funding is not available to assist with travel and accommodation local Norseman residents may be best suited to this opportunity, but all interested members are encouraged to apply.

Practical introduction to construction

  • Training
  • 6 places available
  • Start date is Tuesday 2nd February and the work experience will last for approximately 3 weeks
  • Venue: Old Norseman Post Office
  • Total training = 75 hours over a three week period



This training program is designed to be conducted on-site over a three-week period at the Old Norseman Post Office whilst construction repair & renovation works are being carried out.

The Old Post Office is now owned on behalf of Ngadju people and is to be used by the Ngadju Native Title Aboriginal Corporation as its Norseman office.

The training involves a practical training course and provides ongoing knowledge (“Practical Theory”) whilst working on various repairs and upgrades to the Building.

This training provides condensed quality learning, skills & experience while working on a live construction project.

See an outline of proposed day-to-day schedule including hours regarding construction training.

The project may not run to schedule because concreting may be postponed because of the weather conditions, or painting may be put forward or back depending upon preparation and progression of the work schedule.


Once the trainees have completed the training, they will possess the following competencies and qualifications.

  1. Construction induction card (White card) to be able to access construction sites in Australia
  2. OH&S in the construction industry (JHA’s & safe working practices in all practical tasks)
  3. Perceptive skills to be able to determine repairs required and accepted finishes in the following:
  • Landscaping materials, correct use of tools. Setup of reticulation and knowledge of drainage.
  • Formwork setout (geometric knowledge and practical setout ready for concrete)
  • Concreting using materials and tools laying and finishing concrete to small areas
  • Paving substrate leveling & laying of pavers
  • Preparation of walls & ceilings using variety of materials
  • Fixing of materials using variety of tools inc. hammers, bolsters, drills, screw & impact drivers
  • Demolition techniques, together with OH&S knowledge regarding safe removal practices
  • Construction of timber structures (Patio/Posts)
  • Roof plumbing introduction to sheeting/sealing gutters and downpipes.
  • Stonemasonry introduction and assist Stone Mason
  • Patching of plaster ceilings and walls ready for painting
  • Paint & Paint products/tool knowledge
  • Painting & finishing techniques

Click the link below to view the course schedule in a new window.

Course Schedule




Trainee Mining Operators | on the job training | FIFO from Perth only!

Hi all,

Our Koodaideri team are looking for Trainee Mining Operators | successful applicants will receive full on the job training!

Minimum Criteria

  • A minimum of 12 months operating experience on smaller mining or civil machinery
  • Desire to be trained on large scale mining equipment
  • Willingness to learn
  • Commitment to safety and a passion for continuous improvement
  • WA Manual Drivers Licence (valid)
  • Fit for work

If you haven’t already applied, and are interested in the role above please click on the link below:


Remember you can follow us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/riotintoironoreindigenousemployment/

Thanks, and Kind Regards


Kerry Lofts
Advisor – Indigenous Talent Management

Level 21, Central Park, 152 – 158 St George’s Terrace, Perth, 6000, Western Australia

Join our Indigenous Talent Network  https://bit.ly/2KHaGz4

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country across Australia and their continuing connections to land, waters and community.

I pay my respects to Elders, past, present and future.


Expression of Interest
Ngadju Heritage Survey Workers


Eligibility to Apply:  Open to all Ngadju Native Title Aboriginal Corporation Members with suitable historical and cultural knowledge of Ngadju Native Title Land.

Please Note:

  • Participants must be 18 years or older to qualify for Heritage Surveys.
  • This work is casual and rotational, which means the same team may not be engaged for every survey and team members may change
  • The work can be arduous and often crosses difficult terrain; therefore, you will be required to have a good level of physical fitness

To be considered for selection for survey work, you must complete the following employment forms:

  • Casual Employment Contract
  • Employee Checklist Form
  • Personal details form (full name, including date of birth, address, bank account details, tax file number, next of kin and contact information
  • Superannuation -nominated fund form
  • Tax File Declaration Form

Partial completion of forms – All employment forms are mandatory and must be fully completed. If you need assistance with accessing electronic facilities to complete the forms or are unsure of the information required, please contact Ms Anna Taite, NNTAC Heritage Manager who will help you with this.

Introduction of Health & Safety Processes & Procedures

As a result of NNTAC now managing the provision of heritage services, a number of changes have been made to improve the operation of the service and the safety of staff and workers.  Any questions regarding these processes should be directed to Ms Anna Taite, NNTAC Heritage Manager.

  1. Mandatory Drug Testing

The Corporation will arrange, at its own cost, mandatory alcohol and drug testing for survey workers prior to workers being engaged to undertake the Heritage Survey work.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Ngadju Survey Workers will be required to arrange their own PPE for use at every survey. PPE includes: Boots and high visibility shirts. These items will be purchased at the Survey Worker’s expense and will remain the property of the individual. However, the Corporation may assist with the initial purchase and deduct the costs from the participant’s Survey Payment

Job Related Enquiries: Enquires are encouraged and should be directed to Anna Taite, NNTAC Heritage Manager at heritage@nntac.org.au

Please note: The selection process may not necessarily include the conduct of interviews.



Please click the link above for the NNTAC Heritage Employee Details Form.

NNTAC Employee Checklist Form

Please Click on the Link above for the NNTAC Employee Checklist Form.

Tax File Declaration Form

Please Click On the Link above for the Tax File Declaration Form.

Superannuation Form

Please Click on the Link above for the Superannuation Form.

The Ngadju Native Title Aboriginal Corporation is committed to ensuring that Ngadju people are given the best possible opportunities to gain meaningful employment.

This is achieved within the corporation, further afield and integral with the many companies with whom we seek compensation agreements.

The Ngadju Benefits Management System (BMS) provides up to $750,000 annually to Ngadju people to assist them in this regard.

Job Vacancies 


Are you looking to work within the Mining Industry? Read below to find out more information.

Llewellyn Lottering works for Trinity Mining and Supplies and is based in Esperance, they also have a contact in Perth.

He is keen to source Aboriginal people who are keen to work within the mining industry. Goldfields or Perth based. Trinity Group provide Labour Hire to various businesses across the mining industry.

His contact details are :

Llewellyn Lottering

PHONE: 0406 557 212

EMAIL: llewellyn@trinitymsas.com.au

Unit 1 / 30 Norseman Road Esperance  6450

Weblink: http://www.trinitymsas.com.au/  

Llew mentioned they also feed labour hire into the upcoming Metronet rail link contract in Perth.

If you know of any family or friends who are looking for work please have them register online.

Below is a screen grab of the types of roles they try to fill.

Heritage and Culture

The traditional owners of the land, the Ngadju people, have a responsibility to care for their country and to preserve their significant heritage and culture under the Native Title Act. The Ngadju Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (NNTAC) is the Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) that is responsible for upholding and managing these objectives, and acts as the legal entity which conducts the affairs of the Ngadju Native Title Holders.

The PBC liaises and negotiates agreements with all government departments, mining companies, explorers, local government, property developers and various businesses that may want to conduct activity on Ngadju land. This process involves the engagement of the PBC Board of Directors who represent the various family groups for the negotiation process. Any agreement that would significantly impact on Native Title Rights (such as extinguishment) must be taken to the full Ngadju community for ratification.

These agreements must ensure that Ngadju Native Title Rights, Heritage, Culture and Environment rights are protected while accommodating the rights of tenement holders and stakeholders on Ngadju country.

For anyone intending to conduct any activity on Ngadju Land, you must contact the PBC at its Perth office so the necessary arrangements can be actioned.  These actions include heritage surveys (including anthropological, ethnographical and archaeological) which must comply with the Aboriginal Heritage Act (WA).

Future Acts

The Ngadju Native Title Aboriginal Corporation provides legal representation to the Board of Directors and Ngadju community on Future Act Matters as necessary.

A Future Act is a term used in the Native Title Act 1993 to describe a proposed activity that may affect Native Title. Future Acts give the Ngadju Directors and broader community the right to be informed and consulted about development activities that may impact Ngadju country.

It is essential that any agency, company or individual contact the PBC if any of their proposed developments involve ground breaking disturbances.  As a courtesy, anyone wanting to carry out any function on country must advise the PBC.

Heritage Protocols

Heritage is one of the many functions provided by the PBC. We are regularly advising mining and government bodies on set procedures for managing heritage compliance across Ngadju country.

If for any reason the PBC was not engaged and a section 18 (application to disturb an Aboriginal Site) is applied for, the ACMC may not approve the application.

Heritage Survey Methodology

There are numerous Heritage Survey Methodologies that can be designed specifically for any particular purpose.

Importantly at the outset, Costs Agreements and methodologies need to be determined early to ensure that they are cost effective and efficient.

Methodologies include:

  1. Desktop Survey

  2. Work Program Clearance Survey

  3. Work Area Clearance Survey

  4. Site Avoidance Survey

  5. Site Identification Survey

  6. Cultural Significance Survey

  7. Biodiversity Survey

  8. A comprehensive heritage survey would include anthropological, ethnographical and archaeological components which must comply with the Aboriginal Heritage Act (WA).

Thank You